DTSA Board Meeting Minutes

October 22, 2021


Call to Order
The regular meeting for the DTSA was called to order at 6:08 pm on September 7th, 2021 via Zoom.


  • Stephen Cedars (President)
  • Jacquelyn Marie Shannon (First Vice President)
  • Cen Liu (Second Vice President)
  • Jess Applebaum (Officer of Curriculum and Exams)
  • Ryan McKinney (GC Representative)
  • Philip Wiles (Secretary-Treasurer)
  • Hui Peng (International Student’s Representative)
  • Jasmeene Francois (Officer of Awards and Admissions)
  • Casey Berner (DGSC Representative)
  • Dohyun Gracia Shin (Officer of Digital Initiatives)


  • Esther Neff (Officer of Professionalization)

Approval of Agenda

Approval of Minutes



First Vice President, Jaquelyn Marie Shannon
Next event is a casual gathering for just students. At a bar, or a park? A comfortable space for those who don’t drink? Indoors or outdoors?

Second Vice President, Cen Liu
Hopes to have both committees formed by end of September. Possible to get people on board later as well. Sorting scheduling with Segal Center. The funding for the Booth Award looks to be a central concern. DSGC wants us to at least look like we arranging our own funding for the Booth Award. Probably not possible to secure full self-funding for this year, but should be able to demonstrate to DGSC that we are starting the process. (Cross-Department Funding Opportunities for Booth Awards?) Possible to look for funding outside GC? April/May dates for both events? Set firmer dates by end of October.  Plans to get 1st and 2nd years more involved in committees.

Secretary-Treasurer, Philip Wiles
Walk Through Budget. $500+ budget shortfall. Introduced Written Reports.

Admission and Awards Representative, Jasmine Francois
Met with Peter last week. Open House date is November 9th. Could be in-person or over Zoom. Meeting with Kiera (previous office-holder) to make arrangements/facilitate transition.

Curriculum and Exams, Jess Applebaum
Post-mortem for Oral prep for first exams over summer. Is the first exam kinder? Timelines are thrown by the handbook updates. Where is the updated handbook? Should be publicly accessible.

DSC Program Representative, Casey Berner
DGSC has not yet met for the semester.

GC Program Representative, Ryan McKinney
GC has not yet met for the semester

International Representative, Hui Peng
Been assisting Dahye, Alyssa and Emma with transition to USA. We have no incoming international students. List of all international students. Set up a separate group chat for international TaPS students. Building an archive for work/funding opportunities for international students. Plans to put out a survey for international AND domestic students.

Digital Initiatives, Dohyun Gracia Shin
Update department publicity. Update current student list. Update website with various student-group information. Sort out who is in charge of social media accounts. Formation of publicity Google Drive.



Stephen – Quick run-through!

 Fundraiser -SRC

  • Trivia night is not until Spring
  • SRC skeptical about Book Sale, is there another idea for a fundraiser? How doe we make $300-$400?

 Petty Cash – Stephen

  • SRC looking to increase Petty Cash fund. Looking at pushing Peter for $200 set for Petty Cash.

 Board Size – Stephen

  • SRC 1st Year Cohort is smaller. How can Board be smaller?
  • JMS Can DGSC and Treasurer be combined?
  • DGS Concurred

 Event for David Savran

  • Peter is working with a former student to arrange April event







            Meeting was adjourned at approximately 7:35 pm.