Dohyun Gracia Shin (신도현) is a Ph.D. Student in Theatre and Performance Program at the Graduate Center CUNY. Her current research explores how haunting images of eroticism and the grotesque reveal desire and anxiety in contemporary East Asian theatre and performances. It further examines how these bodies navigate their positions, interests, fears, concerns, and identities within the dominant systems of power that ‘otherize’ them. She is particularly interested in stories of women and how they revisit and queer the imageries of eroticism and the grotesque bodies.

She holds BAs in English/Japanese Culture and an MA in English from Sogang University as an albatross fellow. As a co-editor, she published a web magazine Monthly Theater and archived young women audiences’ non-academic reviews in Seoul. She also worked as a volunteer member with the publicity team at Seoul Performing Arts Company, a musical theatre company under the Ministry of Culture in South Korea.

Research Interests

  • queer performances in Japanese/Korean pop and subculture
  • eroticism, grotesque, and Asian Gothic
  • haunting memories and bodies on stage and theatre as a memory archive
  • (post)colonialism and transgenerational memories in East Asia and East Asian Diaspora in the US
  • urban reactions to regional modernity and its attendant hybridity in East Asia in the early 20th century
  • transnational influences of the US-American musical theatre and vernacularization in domestic music(al) theatre of South Korea
  • contemporary adaptations of pansori and changgeuk