Hi, I’m Hui, Ph.D. student in Theater and Performance at GC, CUNY. I’m interested in labor and ethics of spectatorship in contemporary participatory and interactive theater as I want to find out how modes of engagement and degrees of participation affect actor-spectator relationship and shape our understandings of agency, autonomy, and assembly. I hope my research helps audience-participants understand better their “negative feelings” during the participatory experiences, such as frustration, shame, and rage—or maybe sometimes it’s good to be a bad spectator who refuses to engage and leave the theater. I received my M.A. in Teoria da Literatura at Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal with a thesis on Maurice Maeterlinck and Antonin Artaud. My directorial work Nietzsche Goes Bananas Here premiered in 2018 at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Shanghai, and my recent work Hatching the Sun will premiere soon.

Research Interests

  • Spectatorship in contemporary participatory, interactive, and immersive theater
  • Relational aesthetics and politics of assembly
  • Postcolonialism and coloniality
  • Touring economy and glocalization (mainly Lusophone country)