Members of the DTSA often present their work at the following national and international conferences:

  • ASTR (American Society of Theatre Research) takes place every November; Working groups abstracts are usually due around the end of January.  Individual papers abstracts are usually due  around the end of May.
  • ATHE (American Theatre in Higher Education) takes place in early August; Panel abstracts are due beginning of November.
  • PSi (Performance Studies International) takes place early every June; paper, panel, and shift abstracts are due around November.
  • IFTR/FIRT (International Federation for Theatre Research); usually takes place in late July; paper abstracts are due at the end of January.  Check out their New Scholars Panel!
  • MATC (Mid-America Theatre Conference) take place every March; paper abstracts are due in October/November.
  • MLA (Modern Languages Association) takes place every January; panel proposals are due every February, individual paper abstracts are due in March.
  • ASA (American Studies Association) takes place every November; paper proposals are due at the end of January.