Compensation isn’t aid.

OpenCUNY is cared for and nurtured by three student coordinators and a community board. You support their work through the Doctoral Students’ Council (DSC), with funds from your student activity fee.

In June 2018, Graduate Center administrators re-classified compensation paid to students for DSC work as financial aid. This move places strict limits who is eligible to receive money and how much; demeans student labor; and was imposed without notice or explanation.

In September 2018, the DSC passed a resolution against the administrative action and called for a sustained organized protest. During the protest, and until fair compensation returns, OpenCUNY will continue to be available, but services and events will be limited. Please allow extra time for inquiries.



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“Join the union, girls, and together say Equal Pay for Equal Work.”

— Susan B. Anthony
The Revolution (18 March 1869)

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