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Enter a URL or text to generate a QR code as a 500x500px PNG file, suitable for use in print or on the web.

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Why should you use this QR code generator?

This page utilizes the free and open-source qrcode.js to transform your URL or text into a QR code in your web browser. We refrain from appending any tracking elements to your QR code or storing records of the generated QR codes. This not only ensures the security of your personal data but also safeguards the privacy of your visitors.

Are QR codes safe?

There’s nothing inherent about the way QR codes work that raises privacy concerns. Rather, QR codes serve as a means to encode digital information, such as a URL. However, QR codes can be employed alongside common online tracking methods to collect and monetize your data.

You might have experienced scanning a QR code at a restaurant and been surprised to discover that the establishment knows your table number or recognizes you as a returning customer. This practice is achieved through unique codes for tables that can recognize your device and browser information, geographic location, time zone, internet service provider (ISP), device make and model, browser details, language settings, IP address, and more. Commercial trackers can then use this information to identify and trace your online and offline activities for financial gain.

In contrast to popular QR code generators online, some of which incorporate extra code or reroute traffic through their servers to gather data, OpenCUNY refrains from engaging in such practices.

Still, to prevent unintentionally divulging personal data, it is a good idea to open all QR codes in your browser’s private or incognito mode.

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