About OpenCUNY

Founded in 2008 by GC student Greg Donovan, OpenCUNY is a DGSC-sponsored, student-run, open-source WordPress platform that is free and open to all students at the Graduate Center, CUNY. It is ideal for professional portfolios (using your own domain, if you have one), academic blogs, community organizations, research projects, and more.

What Makes OpenCUNY Unique?

What You can do with OpenCUNY?

To date, GC students have used OpenCUNY to develop websites for DGSC chartered organizations, program student associations, courses, conferences, research, health initiatives, student and community organizing, personal and professional websites, and an array of DGSC initiatives.

If you have an idea for a project or site and are not sure if OpenCUNY is the best tool, ask us! Email us at and one of our coordinators will be in touch to discuss your idea and ways to make it work.

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 Supported by the CUNY Doctoral Students Council.