Dahye Lee (이다혜) is a PhD student in Theatre and Performance at the Graduate Center, City University of New York, and an instructor at the City College of New York. A native of Seoul, South Korea, she is a dancer and a choreographer of Korean dance. She double majored in dance and philosophy (summa cum laude) and completed her MFA in dance at Ewha Womans University, Seoul. Before joining the Graduate Center in 2020, she earned her MA in Theatre and Performance at the University at Buffalo, State University of New York, where she researched Rage Room and the performance of smashing with non-humans, that is, raging with things.

Before coming to New York City, Dahye worked with the Korean dance company Kim Young Hee Mutdance, one of the leaders of Korean contemporary dance since its establishment in 1994. As a life-long practitioner of Korean dance, she considers choreography as a way of processing her experience and identity in flux. Whether working as a solo or a group, she is most interested in how an individual’s experience shapes the way one moves and expresses herself. As a non-native English speaker who constantly translates and gets translated, she is invested in exploring different meanings and senses that language and movement each, as well as together, embody.

(Photography by Seo Young Lee)


Research Interests

  • East Asian contemporary dance and corporeality
  • Intercultural performance through a postcolonial framework
  • Postdramatic theatre and material performance in a more-than-human world
  • Translation and the (un)translatable in theatre and performance