Our Current Students

Our students enter the program from a wide range of fields and interests.  Click on the links below to learn more about some of our current students.

Christin Bowman

Christin is currently working on her dissertation, Women’s solitary masturbation experiences: An intersectional approach to understanding the role of social power.


Allison Cabana IMG_2351

Allison’s current focus is around participatory action research (PAR and yPAR), production of knowledge and epistemology, social identities, and intersectionality.


LorenCahillLoren Cahill

Loren is interested in the identification and subsequent investigation into barriers to and incentives, for developing critical consciousness and youth empowerment interventions.


Jenn Chmielewski

Jenn uses critical feminist theories and methods to explore women and girls’ lived experiences of gender, desire and sexual identity through an intersectional and social justice lens


Cory Greene Cory's GC Picture

Cory Greene is a formerly incarcerated organizer/leader in his fourth year of study.



Alexis HalkovicA. Halkovic photo

Alexis is a sixth year student and is currently working on her dissertation on women’s self-defense.



James Christopher Head

James’ research focuses on the ways in which conceptual frameworks and implicit ideologies are formalized and perpetuated by institutions and internalized and resisted by people.


Emese IlyesIMG_5021

Emese is committed to understanding the lived experience of moral exclusion and how individuals oppressed by socially constructed and violent labels resist and challenge discrimination.


Wen Liuwen

Wen is currently working on her dissertation to understand the dilemmas and struggles in the queer Asian diaspora in the context of US homonationalism and neoliberalism.


Johan MelchiorIMG_20141122_103339 Johan

Johan is a third year student whose research interests pivot around empowering and transformative interventions for groups working within the caring professions.


Kim NguyenNguyen

Kim is a second year student whose research interests are in gender studies, child development within the cultural context, social justice, group dynamics, and political war trauma.


cristina onea profile picCristina Onea

Cristina is a second year student whose research interests are varied, but focus on surveillance as well as transgenerational trauma as a result of mass human rights violations.


sonia sanchez profile picSonia Sanchez

Sonia is a fifth year student whose research aims to explore in which ways understanding difference and complicity can be leveraged to consciously connect struggles to dismantle systems made to divide and oppress.


Kate Sheesekatesheese

Kate is a sixth year student whose research interests include embodiment and sexual subjectivities, reproductive justice, and migration policies/citizenship regimes/politics of categorization.


Patrick Sweeneydfpic

Patrick’s dissertation uses computer-assisted text analysis and discourse analysis to study how scientific theories about the etiology of homosexuality have become part of public discourse.


WindelFriederike Windel

Friederike is a first year student interested in social identity, agency, inclusion and exclusion, and narrative research.



Diane YoongDiane Yoong

Diane is a first year student interested in understanding the ways Asian American LGBT/queers negotiate (or not) the coming out framework.

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