Recent Dissertations

Steph Anderson graduation 2016Our students are actively engaged in research, and their dissertations reflect their multidisciplinary approach to important research topics. Below is a sample of some of the recent dissertations graduates have defended in Social/Personality and Critical Social/Personality Psychology.

Devin A. Heyward (2019). Racial becoming: How agentic (self-initiated) encounter events inform racial identity refinement

Wen Liu (2017). Cruising borders, unsettling identities: Toward a queer diasporic Asian America

Christin P. Bowman (2017). Persistent pleasures: Agency, social power, and embodiment in women’s solitary masturbation experiences

Steph M. Anderson (2016). (Dis)entangling Gender Expression and Race in Antigay Discrimination: An Intersectional Approach

Justin T. Brown (2016). Intersectionality & Sociohistorical Context: Informing Culturally-Responsive Programming for Black & Latino Gay & Bisexual Young Men

Rachel Jane Liebert (2016). Becoming-serpent: Mapping coils of paranoia within a neocolonial security state

Akemi Nishida (2015). Affecting neoliberal public health care: Interdependent relatioinality between disabled care recipients and their care providers

Monique Guishard (2015). Nepantla and Ubuntu ethics para nosotros: Beyond scrupulous adherence toward threshold perspectives of participatory/collaborative research ethics

Chandra D. Mason (2014). We are all stories in the end, I want mine to be a good one: College students work-family expectations and role the role of educational experiences

Sabrica Barnett (2014). Minorities’ perceptions of minority-white biracials: The role of identification for cognitive, affective, and behavioral responses

Kendra Brewster (2014). Between Sites: Dialogical convergences at the personal, interpersonal and institutional levels in a service learning course

Nancy Michelle Cardwell (2014). Child development theory as a mediator of novice teachers’ ethnotheories to increase learning and justice in the classroom

Madeline Colette Fox (2014). The knowing body: Participatory artistic-embodied methodologies for re-imaging adolescence

Erica Jayne Friedman (2014). Cisgenderism in gender attributions: The ways in which social, cognitive, and individual factors predict misgendering

Kristine Elizabeth Gamarel (2014). Yes we can: A dyadic investigation of cognitive interdependence, relationship communication, and optimal behavioral health outcomes among HIV serodiscordant same-sex male couples

Carolina Munoz Proto (2014). “When I heard about the march”: Testimonies and participatory archiving in peacebuilding

Michelle Billies (2013). Producing Bodies, Knowledge and Communities in Everyday Civilian Struggles over Surveillance

Puleng Josephine Segalo (2013). In our own voices: Black women’s narratives of conflict and post-conflict experiences

Susan Weseen (2013). Bullying in schools: Dilemmas of practice

Sean Akerman (2012). Of home and other figments: The passage of exile in the Tibetan diaspora

Sachelle Heavens (2012). The psychological impact of racial socialization on identity conceptualization and race-related stress of Black college students at a multi-racial campus

Kirsten Browning Firminger (2012). Social aspects of developing and sustaining voluntarily reduced consumption activity in New York City

Catherine Ma (2012). Eat at mom’s: Critiquing and rebuilding the breastfeeding paradigm

Carla Marquez (2012). The Long arm/shadow of moral exclusion: Parole and reentry for people convicted of violent offenses in New York State

Patricia Ruiz-Navarro (2012). Orientation to homeland: Mexican migrant mothers that long for home but settle abroad

Rachel Verni (2012). Facebook: Shifting privacy, identity, and power online

Sean Akerman (2011).  Of home and other figments: The passage of exile in the Tibetan diaspora

Valerie A. Futch (2011). Getting into character: Cultivating identities in a teen-theatre peer-education program

Elizabeth Velilla (2011). The role of race-based belonging in explaining college students of color engagement processes among persisters and non-persisters attending highly selective institutions

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