Mental health and wellbeing challenges among college students are much more common that is often discussed in the media. Generally, about 20 percent of students – both undergraduate and graduate – report being diagnosed with anxiety or depression (National College Health Assessment 2017), and the Covid19 pandemic brings this situation into even greater relief. I’m joined by sociologist, Dr. Shirley Leyro to discuss college student mental health, her research on immigrant communities, and to help us think about strategies to support student mental health and wellbeing

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Sunday, May 24 at 5p (EST)

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What is Trauma-Informed Critical Pedagogy? — Cities of Peace


Born in the Bronx, Shirley Leyro, or Dr Shirlo, was raised in the Castle Hill Projects. She earned her PhD and is an Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice at Borough of Manhattan Community College – CUNY. A critical criminologist, Dr. Leyro’s research focuses on deportation effects – including the impact of fear resulting from the vulnerability to deportation. Her research interests include immigration, deportation, social disorganization, and the impact of all the above on mental health. Professor Leyro is currently working on a research project exploring the impact of deportability on belonging and membership of CUNY noncitizen students. She has a blog: The Académica: A Blog About This Latinx’s Struggles as I Navigate the Halls of the Ivory Tower, and is also a member of the Leadership Team for the Latina Researchers Network. Dr. Leyro is a certified Mental Health First Aid instructor, and is also part of the social media campaign: #thisiswhataprofessorlookslike. She is co-editor of “Outside Justice: Immigration and the Criminalizing Impact of Changing Policy and Practice.”