Image of man with classes and cap. He has his chin and head propped up by his left hand. Circle with words political encounters and encuentros políticos written inside the circle. name edwin mayorga, ph.d. and USALAmedia logoTensions have run high as the School District of Philadelphia, like districts across the U.S., have been devising plans to reopen schools within the context of COVID19. At last Thursday’s school board meeting, district officials presented a proposal to reopen the city’s schools using a hybrid plan. The plan was met with a flood of protest from teachers, principals, families and youth. The School Board tabled the issue, pushing the decision to this week. Then yesterday, the district announced the schools would remain online for all students at least through November. As this issue continues to unfold the question remains how do we reopen the schools in a way that is safe and just?

To discuss this, and related topics, I’m pleased to have Tamara Anderson, Dana Carter (Racial Justice Organizing Committee), Lisa Haver (Alliance for Philadelphia Public Schools, APPS), Kate Sannicks-Lerner (PFT/WE)