Diane Yoong

Diane YoongAdvisor: Deborah L. Tolman

Guided by the lack of visible representations of Asian (American) LGBT/queers in popular media when I was growing up, I’m became interested in understanding the ways Asian American LGBT/queers negotiate (or not) the coming out framework. Coming out is often perceived as a process of liberation and a way to legitimize one’s sexuality. It is difficult to consider sexuality/sexual orientation without thinking of the coming out framework. Yet, because of the rigidity and specificity of the framework, I believe it actually restricts and contributes to the erasure of Asian American LGBT/queers’ visibility. Further troubled by the ideas of belonging, legitimizing and authenticating what it means to be Asian American LGBT/queer, the framework fails to account for these complications. In furthering my research, I also want to explore different articulations of sexuality/sexual orientation that considers multiply marginalized individuals without having to invoke the framework.

Email: dyoong@gradcenter.cuny.edu

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