Jenn Chmielewski

Advisor: Deborah Tolman

Jenn Chmielewski is currently a fifth-year doctoral student in the Critical Social/Personality Psychology program at the CUNY Graduate Center. Before coming to the Grad Center, she received her EdM in Counseling Psychology at Teachers College, Columbia University. Her work uses critical feminist theories and methods to explore women and girls’ lived experiences of gender, desire and sexual identity through an intersectional and social justice lens. She is currently examining how queer girls experience their bodies and desires as policed within institutional practices of surveillance in schools and communities and through objectification, with a focus on their embodied resistance. She is also a research blogger and editor for SPARK, an inter-generational feminist activist organization that works with girls to push back against the sexualization of girls and women in the media (

First Doctoral Exam: Tracing the Looking-Glass Self: Heterosexual women’s internalization and negotiations of idealized femininity

2nd Year Project: A listening guide analysis of lesbian and bisexual girls of color navigating       sexual objectification

Recent Publications:

Chmielewski, J. F. (in press). A listening guide analysis of lesbian and bisexual young Women of Color’s experiences of sexual objectification. Sex Roles.

Chmielewski, J. F., Tolman, D. L., & Kincaid, H. (in press). Constructing risk and responsibility: A  gender, race, and class analysis of news representations of adolescent sexuality. Feminist Media Studies.

Chmielewski, J. F., Belmonte, K., Stoudt, B., & Fine, M. (2016). Intersectional inquiries with LGBTQ and gender nonconforming youth of color: Participatory research on discipline disparities at the race/gender/sexuality nexus. In R. Skiba, K. Mediratta, and K. Rausch (Eds.), Inequality in school discipline: Research and practice to reduce disparities (pp. 171-188). New York: Palgrave Press.

Tolman, D. L., Bowman, C. P., & Chmielewski, J. F. (2015). Anchoring sexualization: Contextualizing and explicating the contribution of psychological research on the sexualization of girls in the US. and beyond. In E. Renold and J. Ringrose (Eds.), Children, sexuality and  sexualization. London: Palgrave Press.

Chmielewski, J. F. & Yost, M. (2013). Psychosocial influences on bisexual women’s body image: Negotiating gender and sexuality. Psychology of Women Quarterly, 37, 224-241.



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