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Jason VanOra
Ph.D., Social/Personality Psychology, The Graduate Center, CUNY

Jason VanOra’s research addresses the ways in which narratives can be used to reveal both individual and collective struggles, resiliency, identity, and “wisdoms” among persons living within conditions of both marginalization and hope. Jason’s narrative research most often concerns the life stories of community college students and their attempts to transcend those structural barriers impeding their persistence in college. Additional research projects concern the impact of various pedagogical innovations (multi-disciplinary learning communities, immediate feedback technology, and “civically engaged” psychology classes) on students’ mastery of course content and sense of belonging within community college.

Selected Publications:


VanOra, J. (2014). Desperate to Achieve: Understanding the Lives, Struggles, and Identities of Community College Students Assigned to Developmental Classes. AMS Press.


VanOra, J. P. (2019). The Impact of Learning Communities on the Experiences of Developmental Students in Community College: A Qualitative Study. Learning Communities Research and Practice, 7(1), Article 2. Available at: https://washingtoncenter.evergreen.edu/lcrpjournal/vol7/iss1/2

VanOra, J. (2019). “I wanted to know more”: A narrative exploration of community college students’ goals and aspirations. The Qualitative Report, 25 (5), 1168-1180. Retrieved from https://nsuworks.nova.edu/tqr/vol24/iss5/16

VanOra, J. (2016). “What does this have to do with psychology?: Challenges of Infusing a Civically Engaged Curriculum in Introduction to Psychology.” In E. Schnee, A. Better, and M. C. Cumming’s (Eds.) Civic Engagement Pedagogy in the Community College: Theory and Practice (pp. 95-113). New York: Springer Publishers.

Symister, P., VanOra, J., Griffin, K., & Troy, D. (2014). Clicking in the Community College Classroom: Assessing the Effectiveness of Clickers on Student Learning in a General Psychology Course. Community College Enterprise, 20, 10-24.

McCormick, T., Schnee, E., & VanOra, J. (2014). Researching up: Triangulating qualitative research to influence the public debate on literacy, standards, and access. Teachers College Record, 116 (4), 1-35.

Schnee, E. & VanOra, J. (2012). Student Incivility: An Engagement or Compliance Model? MountainRise Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, 7, 1-19.

VanOra, J. (2012). The Experience of Community College for Developmental Students: Challenges and Motivations. Community College Enterprise, 18, 22-36.

VanOra, J., & Ouellette, S. (2009). Beyond single identity and pathology: Revealing multiple selves and authenticity in the narratives of two transgender women. International Review of Qualitative Research, 2, 89-110.


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