In this first round-up of interesting student-run sites on OpenCUNY, we highlight the online homes of several organizations specifically working on behalf of GC students, a page to see new posts from across OpenCUNY.

The CUNY Adjunct Project
In their own words, the CUNY Adjunct Project “seeks to help graduate student-workers address their immediate labor issues” and has the long-term goal “create a new culture at the Graduate Center that challenges the individualistic, atomized, competitive atmosphere of academia.” They routinely update the site with informaiton for adjuncts, opportunities for organizing and statements on current events.

The Student Technology & Library Blog
A blog for the DSC committee that takes part in decision-making regarding the required tech-fee, it has both easy how-to’s and updates about changes in technology at the GC.

The CUNY DSC Health & Wellness Blog
A blog provided by the DSC Health And Wellness committee, you’ll find informaiton on insurance, options for those who are not insured, information on health-related programs at the GC and more.

OpenCUNY Activity
This is really a page and not a website, but it is a collection of all the recently published posts publicly available on OpenCUNY. Take a minute or two to browse what your fellow OpenCUNY community members are thinking about, writing about, and sharing. Maybe you’ll even get inspired!

Nature, Ecology and Society
The website for an interdisciplinary group here at the GC. It’s a good model of an organization’s website. And maybe you even want to get involved!