The Urban Affairs Association’s annual conference will be coming up in March 2014.  I presented a poster at the UAA conference in 2011 and really enjoyed it —  I found it to be just the right size for me while still bringing together scholars working on an interesting variety of subjects.  I am interested in attending again this year, as I would like to reach out to others who may be working on urban governance, citizen participation, and democratic participation with young people.  I would like to present my work thus far on a framework for analyzing children’s participation in municipal governance, and its application to the Municipal Youth Councils in the Dominican Republic.  To this end, I am interested in putting together a panel related to topics that may fall under the UAA categories of (but not limited to): Governance in Cities/Urban Regions; Democracy & Civil Society in Urban Contexts; and Urban Politics, Elections, Citizen Participation.  Of course, if any of this deals with young people, even better! If this might be you, please do get in touch either by leaving a comment, or via email jtang[at]gc[dot]cuny[dot]edu.  I’d love to hear from you!