Dear OpenCUNY Participants,
The Doctoral and Graduate Students’ Council (DSC) seeks candidates for the OpenCUNY Coordinator for Organizing and Action. Applications are soon due on March 22, 2019.
The OpenCUNY Academic Medium formed in 2008 to provide a student organized, open-source, web platform for the Graduate Center community. The coordinators maintain OpenCUNY to provide access to a free and open source digital media platform that supports graduate students in sharing work and creating their digital presence. Coordinators also host events and workshops that advocate for and support the use of open source technology for the GC digital community.
The Coordinator for Organizing and Action is an advocate for OpenCUNY and facilitate the use of the platform by individual students and student groups including DSC committees, affiliates, chartered organizations, and program student associations. In effect, the Coordinator for Organizing and Action helps students to organize, collaborate, and amplify their messages using OpenCUNY. The coordinator routinely reaches out to student groups to consult on a range of projects including organizational websites, stand-alone projects, conferences, research, and digital publications. The coordinator also helps develop resources to support these organizations and student projects. Ideal candidates for the Coordinator position will be outgoing, creative, skilled with WordPress, and interested in issues of open-access publishing, open-source technology, and digital privacy.
The ideal candidate will demonstrate the following qualities:
● Familiarity with the Doctoral Student Council (DSC), DSC Affiliates, chartered organizations and related processes
● Experience working with individuals and groups, specifically related to discussion of website creation and design
● Strong front-and back-end WordPress experience
● Network administration experience with WordPress, preferably WordPress multisite
● A collaborative work ethic and ability to work efficiently asynchronously
● Experience running workshops or hosting events, with willingness to collaborate with other student and administrative groups
● Dedication to building and preserving support structures and institutional memory
● Vision for promoting and developing OpenCUNY in the future
Because OpenCUNY is a digital platform that serves the community of Graduate Center students, applicants must be a matriculated Graduate Center Students and have an OpenCUNY account at the time of application and throughout the duration the position is held.
The successful applicant will join Paul Hebert (Coordinator for Planning & Development) and Kristen Hackett (Coordinator for Education & Support) and together, all coordinators are responsible for regularly communicating and sharing in decision-making processes related to the platform including:
● performing routine network maintenance, such as theme/plugin updates and bug checks,
● troubleshooting participants’ tech issues and assisting in website development,
● ensuring the reliability of the platform by maintain server processes;
● advocating and facilitating for the adoption of open web standards, and
● ensuring that all activities of OpenCUNY are in compliance with the OpenCUNY Terms of Participation and DSC Constitution and Bylaws.
The new coordinator will start on May 1, 2019, and receive a stipend of approximately $7000 annually, paid in monthly portions $581.88. The OpenCUNY Coordinator stipend can be combined with other graduate stipends.
If you have any questions about this position or about OpenCUNY, please email the current OpenCUNY Coordinators at:
To apply, please send a cover letter, CV, and one-page list of digital projects by March 22, 2019 at 11:59 PM, to the DSC Co-Chair for Student Affairs: