My dissertation examines and documents experiences with education reform amongst residents of NYC’s Latino core neighborhoods. Latino core neighborhoods are neighborhoods that have historically or recently majority Latino communities. Some examples across the five boroughs include El Barrio (East Harlem), Loisaida (Lower East Side), Williamsburg/Los Sures (Southside of Williamsburg), Sunset Park, Corona, Elmhurst, Washington Heights, and the various parts of the South Bronx.

You can follow my study as it evolves here:

Once dominated by the Puerto Rican community, the vibrant and changing Latin@s of nueva york inspire questions about the future of NYC.

Check out this recent graphic on the changing Latino communities of NYC.


Many questions about the experiences of NYC Latino youth and families in the education system continues to be under-researched despite the fact that they now make up the majority of the student population in the largest district in the country.

My work is at the intersection of political economy (the structural) and on-the-ground experiences (the local) in education. I am also very interested in thinking about the potential ways that community action, scholarly work, and digital media, can work together in foster social change. Stay tuned for on-going updates around my dissertation and other education and Latino-related posts.