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My First First Author Peer Reviewed Paper!

My first first author peer reviewed paper was just published in the Journal of Interactive Technology and Pedagogy (JITP) with most of the photography by Jesse Kipp!

Figure #3 TsumkweHouse2
A San family home in Tsumkwe, Namibia.

Here’s the abstract and a link to the full paper:

The term San refers to the indigenous people of southern Africa, who for thousands of years lived a nomadic lifestyle, hunting and gathering for subsistence. Some contemporary San still subsist partially on food gathered from the bush. Many others have been pushed from their traditional lands and lifestyles and now struggle to subsist earning low wages in rural areas on the edges of cattle farms or urban areas working in factories and living on the fringes of informal settlements. In the past decade the San have begun to use new digital tools to Figure 5. Young man sits outside row of concrete houses in center of Tsumkwe, Namibia.document, communicate, and represent their values and struggles. This article focuses on how San people used digital technologies to generate educational texts by transcribing and web publishing traditional oral folktales and to inject their own perspectives into critical political debates. In each of these cases digital media enabled San people to realize explicit and implicit social and political agendas that were realized through the use of digital media. This paper focuses on select digital representations of San people by San people and explores how these examples relate to larger issues of education and globalization in the region.


I especially want to thank Richard Lee and Megan Biesele for their support in the field and their comments on the manuscript. And also my wife Sandy for being so supportive and littlest bearcaring while I worked on the final revisions just weeks after little bear joined us! And thank you little bear for loving your bouncy (most of the time) while I made the revisions too!