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The Week of the Bike and Biking Across the Hudson

The week of the bike began with with Manfrank and Michael riding up the Hudson from 59th to Van Cortlandt Park . The trail ends at my old block – Dyckman street – and there we ducked into the neighborhood, rode to the tip of Manhattan and then hit Broadway up to Van Cortlandt, where apparently there is a trail to Westchester (that’s for next time!).

The next day I turned my stiff neck and ogled as a sworm of bikers (the motorized kind) stormed up Amsterdam Avenue and later saw where they went after that. 

Yesterday one of my recent favorite NY blogs, City Room’s ‘Today in New York’ alerted me to biking across the Hudson.  (To give credit where it’s due, my wife introduced me to this great daily post a few months ago).

A few weeks ago Judah Schiller biked across the San Francisco Bay from Oakland to SF. Yesterday he biked across the Hudson.

New York Today also alerted me to a Daily News story claiming  Citi Bike was coming to Harlem.  However, when I recently checked the story the headline had changed: ‘Citi Bike NOT coming to Harlem!’

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