My Beach Cruiser and Boomer’s Houndabout Bike Share

As promised a few weeks ago, here is the fun reward I got myself for completing the second qualifying exam! It’s a Nirve Beach Cruiser I found at PedalUniverse and I finally hooked up Boomer’s HoundAbout.


Last year I tried to hook up the HoundAbout to my old bike but I was unable to do so. I felt like a failure, especially after reading reviews like this “It was so easy to hook up…”. So I asked the old Manfrankager to give it a try – and he couldn’t do it either, and that made me feel better.

What I realized, thanks to the guys at Metro Bicycles, was the HoundAbout can only hook up to bikes that have less than 7 gears and are not quick release.

Old bike with too many gears and quick release wheels

Enter the Nirve Cruiser – which has 3 gears and is not quick release.

Happy ending:

nirve cruiser with houndabout
Nirve Cruiser with HoundAbout outside Metro Bicycle Shop
Stay tuned for some Boomer action shots!



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