Mentoring Future Faculty of Color Group (MFFC)

The Mentoring Future Faculty of Color Group (MFFC) seeks to address the lack of racial diversity among the study body and the professoriate by intervening at the level of doctoral education. MFFC aims to offer scholarly and professional mentorship to students of color in all CUNY PhD Programs, and to bring faculty of color from a variety of U.S. universities to share their scholarship and experiences in navigating the academy. Additionally, MFFC seeks to foster CUNY-wide and New York City-wide interdisciplinary conversations that foreground diversity as an important epistemological and social justice project to research and redress material inequality in the academy. In addition to strengthening local institutional connections, MFFC generates awareness about the exciting research being done by scholars of color. Drawing new voices into conversations surrounding diversity, MFFC helps catalyze discussions throughout the CUNY Graduate Center that foreground the need to diversify the student body and support our current students.