Chartered Org Basics

Remaining Active

All Chartered Organizations will have a status of either active or inactive for any given semester.

What is Active Status?

  1. You must show that your group is active by submitting a Chartered Organization Semesterly Reportto the Co-Chair for Student Affairs by the end of each semester.**
  2. You must show the support of .5% of matriculated students, or 20 students, whichever is larger, via digital signatures of your Chartered Org Roster.

What is the Chartered Organization Semesterly Report?

The Semesterly (or Activity) Report includes:

  1. details about your groups meetings and events, including dates and times, descriptions or names, and funding and/or sponsors;
  2. a budget for the upcoming semester;
  3. the current constitution;
  4. and the contact information for your current leaders/chairs.

**Please note:

  • To achieve active status in the Spring semester: file the report from the previous Fall, listing Fall activities, your budget for the following Spring semester (the semester in which this report is required for active status).
  • To achieve active status in the Fall semester: file the report from the previous Spring, listing Spring activities, your budget for the following Fall semester (the semester in which this report is required for active status).
  • It is easiest to keep track if you submit the Fall report at the end of the Fall and the Spring report at the end of the Spring semester.

Chartered Org Semesterly Report:

Chartered Org Rosters:



Each active Chartered Organization is eligible for an allocation of at least $300 each semester plus an incentive allocation. In order to be considered as active, an organization must have a current signature roster and activities report on file; see more info on the Maintain a Chartered Org page, or contact the Co-Chair for Student Affairs for more information.

In addition to its minimum allocation of $300 each semester, each active chartered org is also eligible to receive an incentive allocation of up to 100% of the regular allocation based on longevity, membership, and activity (all from the previous semester). Please see Bylaw 6.1.a for the details.

If there is more than one chair for your organization, please discuss in advance how you will organize spending your allocation so that you aren’t spending more than $300 per active semester. And please remember that no check requests will be processed for reimbursement until a chartered organization has active status.

Maintain a Chartered Org:

Bylaw 6.1.a:



OpenCUNY can support you in the creation of a website for your organization. We can also give you access to a site previously created for your Chartered Org. If you don’t have an OpenCUNY account, you can create one, along with a site. You can read about how to use OpenCUNYWordPress (the system on which OpenCUNY runs), and learn the “lingo”.

With an OpenCUNY site you can post relevant information to your organization, your constitution, and keep people informed of events. You can also talk with the coordinators about new ideas you might have for uses of the OpenCUNY medium and explore new ways to use digital tools to facilitate your organization’s mission.

Check out these examples of some great ways to use OpenCUNY for a DSC Chartered Organization.


More detailed information on running and maintaining your chartered org is available on the DSC’s main page, under the “Chartered Orgs” tab.