Tribute to Dr. Jean Anyon

A Tribute to Dr. Jean Anyon

The students, faculty, and alumni of the Urban Education PhD program at the Graduate Center invite you to celebrate the life of Dr. Jean Anyon, our professor, colleague, and friend.

Friday, March 28
6:00 – 8:00 pm
Elebash Recital Hall, the Graduate Center, CUNY

The program will feature a panel of speakers, an installation, live music, and opportunities to openly share and remember Dr. Jean Anyon: July 16, 1941 – September 7, 2013.

This event is free and open to the public. Please register HERE ( to assist with planning purposes.

Immediately following the program, please join us at The Liberty, 29 West 35th Street (between 5th and 6th Avenues).

Read about Jean’s life on her Wikipedia page (

Visit Letters to Jean (, a site created by Jean’s students in remembrance of her.

You are encouraged to forward this widely, and we hope that you can join us.

the Urban Education PhD Program

AELLA Press Conference: Manifestación Embajada Colombia NY Oct 15

Screen Shot 2013-11-09 at 4.05.52 PMWere are here in representation of AELLA, the Latino and Latin American Association of the Graduate Center’s Doctoral Student Council. We come to express our support and solidarity with the many groups and communities fighting for peace with social justice in the beautiful Colombia. Friends, many important social struggles are taking place in Colombia at this moment: students, miners, indigenous and afro-colombian peoples and campesinos are all mobilizing for peace, social justice and end to decades of state violence and military oppression, land dispossession and starvation wages. The past 12 years have been particularly brutal for Colombia’s campesinas y campesinos. The intensity of the narco funded war between the military, the paramilitary and FARC has increased the displacement of peasants  and contributed to an unprecedented accumulation of land in the hands of landed elites and multinational corporations- as much as 5 million hectares (the equivalent of 7 million soccer fields). As if this weren’t enough, the government is throwing peasants in jail for using their own seeds, instead of purchasing genetically modified seeds from Monsanto and other agro-chemical giants. Meanwhile, the score of FTA’s signed by President Santos has led to an influx of cheap, highly subsidized food imports whose prices are driving small farmers out of business and their ancestral way of life, and making Colombia more and more food dependent and insecure. As peasant leaders in Colombia have stated, the government’s agrarian development plan calls for a campo sin campesinos, (a countryside without farmers), where neither food production, equitable land distribution, or social justice for rural communities is considered. Thus more than ever it is crucial that we in the solidarity circles of the world come out to stand by our Colombian compañeros y compañeras to let them know that they are not alone, that we have them in our hearts and mind, and that we are confident that they will succeed because their cause is the cause of love, dignity, and true justice. As a mayan poet once said: “pueden cortar las ramas y quemar el arbol, pero debajo de todo permanecen las raices, listas para florecer de nuevo.”

Intimidated, incarcerated, forcefully displaced, used as human shields, falsely identified and murdered, exploited, starved, beaten, sprayed with agent orange and round up ready, expropriated of land and seeds, demeaned, excluded, criminalized and yet, and yet, the campesinos, the indigenous and afro-colombian peoples, the socially conscious students and the urban working classes, are still there resisting, organizing, mobilizing, striking, blocking roads, shutting down the system, bringing the country to a halt, and showing the neoliberal paramilitary narco-State, Imperialist America and Transnational Capital that oppression will never ever succeed against the will of a people who’s time has come.

¡A mas represión, mas organización!

¡Vivan los Campesinos, Indiginas y Afro-Colombianos!

¡Vivan las Zonas de Reserva Campesina¡

¡Vivan las mujeres campesinas¡

¡Fuera Monstanto de Colombia!

¡Abajo con el Plan Colombia!

¡Ababjo con la Militarización de Latino America!

¡Viva Latino America Unida!


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Defensa de la vida Campesina en el Catatumbo

A powerful new political movement bringing rural and urban Colombian civil society onto a common platform poses the real possibility for sustainable peace building in Colombia.Two women of the Patriotic March movement will be explain What is Patriotic March? The historic National Agrarian strike, and the perspectives of the social movement in Colombia.Diana Nocua:
National commission of human rights ( Patriotic March ) , Researcher of José Alvear Restrepo (CCAJAR) lawyers collective …Olga Lucía Quintero:
Spokesperson of the catatumbo peasants association

When: Tuesday, November 5
Where: 147 west 24 st, 2fl New York, NY  10011
7PM : documentary: Human Rights in Cauca region ( 8 minutes )7:10pm documentary: The children of catatumbo ( 20 minutes )7:30pm Talk and discussion

Human Rights in Magdalena Medio a Talk with Human Rights defender Lilia Peña Silva.

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The Colombian Studies Group at the Graduate Center CUNY cordially invites you to their next event:Human Rights in Magdalena Medio a Talk with Human Rights defender Lilia Peña Silva.Monday November 4, 2013.
6:30pm-8:30pmThe Graduate Center/ Room 5414
365 Fith Ave, New York, NY.
10016-4309Subway: 34th Street- Herald Square
(B D F M N Q R)Thank You,
Carolina Chaves O’Flynn
Astrid Roldán
El Colombian Studies Group del Graduate Center CUNY los invita a su proximo evento:Derechos Humanos en el Magdalena Medio, una charla con la defensora de derechos humanos Lilia Peña Silva.Lunes Noviembre 4, 2013.
6:30pm-8:30pmThe Graduate Center/ Room 5414
365 Fith Ave, New York, NY.
10016-4309Subway: 34th Street- Herald Square
(B D F M N Q R)Gracias,
Carolina Chaves O’Flynn
Astrid Roldán

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Solidarity Rally Peace Process in Colombia

Join the Alliance for Global Justice, IFCO/Pastors for Peace, Colombians for peace, the IAC, AELLA and many others in a protest in solidarity with Colombian workers this Tuesday.  Especially our press conference at 530 where labor, community and solidarity activists will speak per the issues below. Gracias! Inline image 1

Guatemala espera movilizaciones contra la anulación de fallo a Rios Montt – Guatemala awaits movilizations against annulment of conviction against Rios Montt

ENGLISH FOLLOWS –scroll down


Estimados hermanos y hermanas,

El pasado viernes 10 de Mayo luchadores por los derechos humanos del mundo celebraron la sentencia contra el ex dictador Efraín Ríos Montt por genocidio y crímenes de lesa humanidad. Fue la primera vez en la Historia de la Humanidad y en más de 500 años de resistencia indígena desde la llegada del Conquistador que alguien es hallado culpable de genocidio contra una comunidad indígena, en este caso Maya-Ixil. Durante 5 semanas, el tribunal escuchó a más de 100 testigos incluyendo sobrevivientes Maya-Ixil que detallaron crueldades inimaginables contra su dignidad.

Tristemente, la Corte de Constitucionalidad anunció la anulación del fallo. Mientras Guatemala espera una manifestación masiva este viernes para protestar este ataque a la Verdad Histórica, quisiéramos compartir una nota publicada en los medios de Guatemala con el apoyo masivo de organizaciones sociales y de derechos humanos que han estado empujando este proceso a pesar de obstáculos terribles. Expresamos nuestro amor y apoyo a su labor, tanto como nuestra confianza en la Justicia Divina que prevalecerá.

Y al Pueblo Maya-Ixil nuestro NUNCA MAS

Popol Wuj Itinerante

El apoyo de la comunidad internacional ha sido clave en este proceso. Por favor, difunda esta información entre sus contactos, prensa, y organizaciones afines.


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Fiesta en Comunidad con Aella! Party in community with AELLA! Friday/Viernes 5/17/13 (w Pictures)


Picture by Rafael Mutis/AELLA & MRD!

Visit MRD website here:

aella mrd exhibition

Picture by Rafael Mutis/Mexicanos de Rostro Desconocido Artwork

LATINO ON subway-