Welcome Back!

Greetings OpenCUNY participants!

Hello, howdy and welcome and welcome back! We hope your semesters are off to a good start!

This is your reminder, that our team is here to support you in using OpenCUNY to meet your needs.

In this endeavor, we have a collection of resources you might find handy for getting started or expanding your use of the platform:

You can come meeet with us on Zoom or come by our Graduate Center office (5397) to chat with us in person, discuss your website, pose questions, and address any issues you are having. Please email us at to make an appointment in advance.

OpenCUNY is also concerned with Internet privacy, a topic that many of us are now familiar with (and reminded of right now especially with the publishing of Snowden’s memoir). So some of our resources are dedicated to helping you configure your machines to maximize privacy without limiting your use.

Check out this resource list related to data privacy and security, VPNs and net neutrality!

Lastly, we are welcoming a new member of the team this semester! Stay tuned to learn more about how our team is expanding!

As always, please reach out to us at with any questions, concerns, crises, the works.

Happy computing,

Kristen, Paul, & Zach

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