Guide to ‘Using OpenCUNY to Support Your Student Group’

On Wednesday March 28th, OpenCUNY hosted a workshop on how to use our platform to support the work of your student groups at the Graduate Center. Geared towards student leaders, this workshop was both conceptual and technical in nature; it aimed to spark leaders’ thinking about how an OpenCUNY site could be used (i.e. for storing information, but what information, for whom, for what purpose?), as well as introduce them to the technical aspects of WordPress that would help them accomplish that.

Accompanying this workshop, OpenCUNY Coordinator Kristen Hackett created a guide. This ‘Guide to Using OpenCUNY to Support Your Student Groups‘ offers a number of examples and walks users through a couple of activities to get them thinking about who the site is for, what information they want on their site, and how they want that content arranged. There is also a short section on how to use an OpenCUNY site in conjunction with other web-presence for your group (i.e. Facebook, Twitter), and how your group might develop sustainable practices for maintaining your web presence consistently over time.

We hope you find this guide helpful!

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