OpenCUNY Spring 2014 Welcome

Dearest OpenCUNY participants,

Yes, the weather outside is frightful, but starting a new web project on OpenCUNY would be so delightful! As we heartily welcome you to will-it-ever-be-spring semester and share about some new OpenCUNY features and upcoming events, we encourage you, as ever, to be in touch about what you’re working on. We’re a participatory community, and we coordinators enjoy answering email queries and learning more about what everyone’s up to!

OpenCUNY Turns 5 and “Beyond the Blog” Event Series!

  • Five years ago this spring, OpenCUNY was ratified as an official DSC affiliate after having been launched in Fall 2008. Celebrate with us on Friday, February 28 and share what you’re up to OpenCUNY with other participants!
  • As OpenCUNY turns five, we’ll be launching a “Beyond the Blog” event series for spring where we’ll be collaborating with the GC Mina Rees librarians in thinking about how we represent ourselves digitally. Many of us get fixated on the need to blog or think of WordPress as just a blogging platform, and we’d like to break through that mindset with a series of horizontal meetups about CVs, open access and authors’ rights, teaching portfolios, etc. For more info, see the library post on this series: http://gclibrary.commons.gc.cuny.edu/2014/02/13/opencuny-and-gc-librarians-collaboration/
  • Check our event calendar on our homepage for both of these and other upcoming events: https://opencuny.org/events/

OpenCUNY Survey: Looking Forward!

  • To help OpenCUNY look energetically forward to the next five years, we’re launching a survey that asks you to weigh in on your interactions on and with OpenCUNY. We’ll be gathering information on basic things like the best way for you all to get in touch with us, which programs use OpenCUNY and which don’t, and what kind of devices to you use to access OpenCUNY. This 10 to 15 minute survey will help us to get a sense of where are participants are at, after 5 years: https://opencuny.org/survey/

What’s New on OpenCUNY!

  • Over the winter break, we upgraded to WordPress 3.8. You can now colorize your Dashboard and compare themes with greater finesse. Learn more about the various changes here: http://wordpress.org/news/2013/12/parker/
  • Elections for the next year’s OpenCUNY Board will be happening soon! If you’re an avid participant and want to be more involved in thinking through plans and changes alongside the OpenCUNY coordinators, nominate yourself: https://eballot4.votenet.com/dsc/login.cfm! Nominations are open until February 28! Read about Board responsibilities here: https://opencuny.org/board/
  • Keep your eyes peeled for new content on OpenCUNY.info (http://opencuny.info/) and let us know what you’d like to know more about by emailing us at info@opencuny.org

We look forward to seeing you this spring in person and online!

As Ever,
Your OpenCUNY Coordinators, Chrissy, Laurie, & Maggie.
all of us: info@opencuny.org

P.S. Have you seen our electronic flyers around the Graduate Center? What do you think of them? Let us know by dropping us a line at info@opencuny.org!

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