The OpenCUNY Board is elected by and from the OpenCUNY community each academic year. The board consists of six voting members: the two OpenCUNY Coordinators, and four Board Members. The primary task of the OpenCUNY Board is to develop and maintain the Terms of Participation that defines’s governance policy and any other policies deemed appropriate by the Board.


Current Board Members:

  • JOHN BOY (Sociology)
    a.k.a “jboy”
    John is a doctoral student in sociology working on religion and social theory. He’s been building web sites since his early teens and has been a free-software advocate for almost as long. He is a sustaining member of the SDF Public Access UNIX System. He also regularly contributes to The Immanent Frame, the Social Science Research Council’s award-winning blog on religion, secularism and the public sphere.


* * *

  • JENNIFER STOOPS (Urban Education)
    a.k.a “jstoops”
    Jennifer Stoops is a doctoral student in the Urban Education program at The Graduate Center, CUNY. Her work examines issues of privatization in public spaces; decay and melancholia in institutions; critical pedagogy and alternative forms of education; new media literacy; and theoretical questions on the commons and networks. She is the Social Media Fellow and a member of the Executive Committee for her department, and she is in the Interactive Technology and Pedagogy certificate program at The Graduate Center. A former middle school educator, she is now a program officer at a private foundation. She holds a B.A. in English Literature from New York University and a M.A. in English Education from Brooklyn College.

* * *

  • JESSICA TY MILLER (Earth and Environmental Sciences)
    a.k.a. “jmiller1″
    EMAIL JESSICAj miller Headshot

Jessica Miller is a doctoral student in the Earth and Environmental Sciences (EES) department at the CUNY Graduate Center. Her specialization is Geography with research interests in industrial waterfront redevelopment, urban political ecology, residential displacement and gentrification. She grew up in the polluted Mid-Ohio Valley, which fostered her interests in environmental inequalities and economic disparity. She has taught courses at Hunter College and has conducted research with several professors within the EES department. She has a master’s in Geography from San Francisco State University and has worked in several rhelms of environmental planning and resource management.

Before her academically focused life, she worked in communication and helped create several films and film festivals. As a current Program Social Media Fellow, she is working towards integrating information from many sources into a usable and focused series of social media pages. Her interests in social media stem from her interest in integrating visual media into the classroom and her background in film, communication and other visual media.


* * *


* * *




      • JOHN BOY  a.k.a “gcsoc” and “jboy” (Sociology)
      • CHRISTINA NADLER a.k.a. “chrissy” (Sociology)
      • JARED SIMARD a.k.a. “canes” (Classics)
      • SUZANNE TAMANG a.k.a. “stamang” (Computer Science)



      • JOHN BOY  a.k.a “gcsoc” and “jboy” (Sociology)
      • JEN GIESEKING a.k.a. “jgieseking” (Environmental Psychology)
      • KIERSTEN GREENEa.k.a. “kgreene” (Urban Education)
      • KEITH MIYAKE a.k.a “kmiyake” (Earth & Environmental Sciences/Geography)


    • JOHN BOY  a.k.a “gcsoc” and “jboy” (Sociology)
    • BORIS DAUSSÁ-PASTOR a.k.a. “bdaussa”(Theatre)
    • JEN GIESEKING a.k.a. “jgieseking”(Environmental Psychology)
    • KEITH MIYAKEa.k.a “kmiyake” (Earth & Environmental Sciences/Geography)

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