This post was created originally for the “Rise of Graphic Archives” first-year research seminar that I teach…

To explore how images communicate differently and how they operate in a research context, you will contribute an image that you create for each digital reflection. As described in the digital reflection assignment sheet, you will post this image in your reflection and set it as a featured image, so it will appear in our shared visual archive. With each image, you will need to ensure that you have the rights to post the image, as we’ll discuss throughout the class. Consult the following documents about fair use generally, in relation to images, and in relation to archival images:

These resources may be helpful not only for this assignment, but also for your research project in general. If you come across additional resources to share on this topic, let me know.

Some ideas and resources for image creation

The following is far from an exhaustive list, but is meant to illustrate a range of engaged visual responses that you might create that will allow you to conceptualize your ideas in different media. The following visual examples are all my own creations. Feel free to share ideas, examples, and resources for this list.

1. A screenshot or photo of your annotations of a particular text. Or your notes from a particular archival encounter.


2. A screenshot or photo of your research process or of items associated with your research.


3. A multimedia interpretation through the use of tools like Pixlr Express, Bitstrips, online meme generators, etc.