I’ve been involved with the organization of the Climate in Context at the Graduate Center, CUNY 2015 Conference (and I was last year, too) – mostly in a technical capacity, but I am chairing a session. And now, the schedule is up!

I am chairing Section II, and (more importantly) presenting my SST and SST variability record of the last 1000 years.  This talk will largely be my AGU talk with newer more updated graphics, as well as some more context and information about the ITCZ that will make the results a little more approachable for non-paleo people.

What is very exciting is how the conference has grown since last year. I believe last year we had 9 talks and 5 posters – not bad for the first year and first time. This year we have 15 talks and 9 posters.  There are some MS students, faculty, PhD students, and even a class project! The breadth of topics is also quite impressive – Teaching climate change, national carbon policy, palynology, glaciology, paleoceanography, resilience, geomorphology, remote sensing, traffic patterns, even climate prediction. the study sites range from near Antarctica to the Eastern Tropical Pacific to the Amazon to Tasmania to the Balkans to Greenland and of course, all around NYC including off the NJ coast, Jamaica Bay, and Gowanus.

This is going to be quite the conference!