The Free University extended family is invited to participate:


This Sunday, 1pm, at Cooper Union’s park

The education movement continues! This Wednesday, we had a rowdy speak-out and march at Cooper Union to support the ongoing student sit-in and an emergency convergence on Thursday after the administration threatened putative measures if the students of Free Cooper Union didn’t end their occupation. On Friday, we heard Cooper students declare their statement of no confidence and marched to President Jamshed Bharucha’s home to demand his resignation. We followed that with “art-in” and speak-out!

Please join us this Sunday at Cooper Square to discuss next steps & continued Cooper solidarity.

After that, we’ll join Free Cooper Union for an Art-Meet and afternoon of solidarity in the park:

Invite all your students/faculty/staff/friends! It’s never too late to come out and plug in! The really exciting work is just beginning…

***Can’t make it? Stay in the loop by texting @studentblocnyc to 23559 to join our celly. Important announcements only***

Proposed agenda:

1) Updates on Cooper Situation (25 minutes)
-How did our past solidarity actions go? What is the situation right now? (15 min)
-How can we help over the upcoming days? Specific events to organize/attend to/publicize (10 min)

2) Cross-campus organizing throughout the summer and onwards (75 minutes)
Overview of ACTIONABLE ITEM SUGGESTIONS from last week
– discuss viability in overall context of resources, timing, content etc., appoint point person/organizers

-15M Day of Action – NYU
-End of semester party
-Cooper commencement protest

Over the summer:
-Summer convergence
-Summer disobedience school // Workshops/skill share: e.g. social media, one-on-one organizing, how to organize a campaign
-Reading Group
-Mapping of resources
-Web presence
-Campus Activism/Learning project

Fall plans:
-Plan series of events hosted by different campuses/groups next semester
-Updated zine/Content Production

3) Common campaigns (20 minutes)
-Based on google spreadsheet with common issues across campuses, would we be able to do more than support each others actions, but come up with common/simultaneous campaigns?
-What could they be? Which schools partnering up on which issues?
-Cross-campus working groups for logistics as well as issues like student debt

3PM: Cooper solidarity and conversation to continue: