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Reflections on the event

Thank you so much to everyone who presented, attended, helped, and otherwise participated in this event. And thank you again to the Manitoba Research Alliance for their generous support.

We had lots of great feedback from the event, including lots of questions about the purpose, the structure, and the next steps. Some of these reflections are summed up in a recent post on the Canadian Center for Policy Alternatives blog here.

Please feel free to comment on that post below.


Notes about today’s workshop

Hello folks! The interest in today’s event has been overwhelming! Thank you to all who have RSVP’d and are planning to attend. It looks like there are going to be many more participants than we had originally anticipated, which is great. However, it also complicates a few things which you might want to take note of:

FOOD – The food that will be available will be vegan chili and bannock from Neechi Commons. We’re working on increasing our food order to accommodate extra participants, but it is still possible that there might not be enough food to go around. We suggest you bring snacks!

TEMPERATURE – There is no air conditioning at the workshop venue and it is a hot, hot day. There will be fans and some water jugs on hand, but please plan to bring your own water bottle and anything else you need to keep cool.

SOUND – We do not have microphones, so if you are hard of hearing please plan to sit near the front.

VOLUNTEERS – Please let us know upon arriving if you’re available to help out with some set-up or take down tasks! If you’re available to arrive a few minutes early that would be especially helpful. We are so excited to meet and discuss with all of you. See you at 4pm!