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  1. Zully Trujillo

    I am looking forward to this event.

  2. Hooray

  3. Yay! This will be great!

  4. Felicia Sinclair

    Hi, I would like to RSVP. – Thanks!

  5. Hi, would like an RSVP to attend the workshop thx!!

  6. Planning to attend. Thanks!

  7. I would like to RSVP myself plus 1

  8. Joseph Wasylycia-Leis


  9. I was not aware we should “confirm attendance” Of course I’ll be there!

  10. hello, i would like to attend but neglected to rsvp using this form, having only indicated that i was hoping to be “going” in the general facebook way. is this ok? another question i have is if it is still possible for people who have not yet responded in either format to indicate that they would like to attend, if they were to forego food?

  11. Yes, I’ll be there

  12. Wish I saw this earlier. I will be attending still.

  13. Thanks to everyone who presented, participated, and attended. It was good to learn together and meet folks!

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