Visuals of initial phases of the collaboration

In the initial phases of the collaboration, we created google docs where we each commented on one another’s ideas and thoughts. Below is a screenshot of the process. Click here or on the image to visit the document itself.  

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Final Thoughts

The most beneficial part of this project has been reading and commenting on each other’s work, along with sharing literature, quotes, and ideas from our individual backgrounds. This project has put the research, writing, and knowledge production process into perspective as something that does not ever truly happen on one’s own. Our usual academic process just makes it seem that way. In fact, foregrounding the interactive nature of knowledge brings to light the threads, tributaries, and relationships without which knowledge has no ground. —- Public n’ Publics project (Mette, Cory, Tyler, Rafael, Misty)

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Meeting #5

Final Meeting: Last revisions to case studies. Final comments on each other’s work. Collaboration on introduction/summation. Combined bibliography created. Timeline created. BBQ to come.  

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Reading, commenting, and uploading case studies to open cuny.

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Case Studies Done

All case studies sent to group.

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Meeting #4

Agenda: Decision to work together on a day leading up to the deadline. Followed by a BBQ. Everyone is stressed about the end of the semester, but we are supporting each other. There is a sense of excitement about the collaboration and the fact that we have to concede control and let the interaction process take over. Encouragement for those still working on their case studies and feeling blocked and unsure how to tie their ideas together.

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Case Study Deadline

Everyone was to email case studies to the group. Some of us were still working and needed extra time.

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Meeting #3

Agenda: No more conclusion. Let’s have the commentary on case studies work to tie things together in a way that embeds our collaboration into the project. Do we have time to do a website? Are we a public? Have we created a public? Are we a counter-public? Can our introduction somehow celebrate the collaborative nature of this project?

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Meeting #2

A meeting set up to keep us on track over spring break. Possible Ideas: Creation of a website Interviewing each other and recording audio commentaries on case studies Instead of a theory section, comments on each other’s case studies through a particular lens One person focuses on the introduction rather than theoretical lens A general wrap up/summation document rather than separate introduction and conclusion sections A primer on how to interact with this website/document A timeline of work and interaction (deadlines for next steps) We will distribute our case studies for everyone to read, make comments on, and then work together on a summation piece.

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Email and Google Docs (ongoing)

Between submitting the prospectus and meeting during spring break: Various ongoing emails regarding next steps. A number of google docs set up to keep track of ideas.  

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Finalization of the Group

Cory joins the group. Work on the prospectus begins Agreement to compile a bibliography A co-written introduction  

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Meeting #1

Agenda: Discussion of potential links between our projects public vs. private governance social movements. resistance, protest definitions of the public Will anyone else join? What will this look like? Individual case studies with an introduction and conclusion tying them together.

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The Beginning

March 23 – Professor Chazkel sends an email: All of you, please email (directly to the group, not just to Setha and me) your annotated bibliographies, making sure that you preface your bibliography with at least a sentence or two of explanation of your research ideas and possible topic(s). You can be very tentative and open-ended at this point. The point is to give your fellow students and idea of what you are working on. This leads to a submission of student work, which leads to: exchange of phone numbers establishment of WhatsApp group an initial meeting of Tyler, Rafael, Mette, Misty (see next post)

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