Our Team


Tess/Audre  (she or they) began learning about my love for art at The Urban Academy, a public alternative high school in NYC. My own experiences, as a young Latina lesbian and friend’s experiences with family have inspired me to work on this project, and effecting families in a positive way makes this project so important.

Serena Yang (she) is a bisexual, first generation Chinese American immigrant from Queens. As a writer and slam poet, she’s happy she was able to listen to and write young LGBTQ+ stories for this project. She believes in art as a tool of resistance & education and hopes our zines will reach all kinds of families and youth, especially those who often feel underserved by existing resources.

Mor Erlich  (he) is the creator of SezMe.me, an LGBT web-series for the whole family, and the author and illustrator of The Dragtivity Book, an activity book about the art of drag, published by Drag Queen Story Hour. Mor’s advocacy work promoting trans visibility and gender fluidity also includes presentations on inclusiveness and drag workshops with youth in the NYC area.

Mica Baum-Tuccillo  (she or they) is a queer educator, social worker, and scholar. Mica’s work focuses on using participatory social science and critical humanistic inquiry to re-imagine and humanize social policy and support community and activist projects. Mica is excited to be working on a project that deeply & creatively explores LGBTQ+ families.

María Elena Torre  (she) is the Director of the Public Science Project and on the faculties of Critical Social Psychology and Urban Education at the CUNY Graduate Center. A queer mama from an immigrant family, her work and activism is dedicated to building relationships and strengthening community power through participatory research aimed at interrupting injustice.

Leo Lipson (he) is a transgender cartoonist from NYC who writes about being trans and talking puppets. Resources that accurately and positively represent queer and trans youth are essential in educating parents on how to treat their queer kid(s). I hope this project can be a helpful resource for NYC families and help queer kids feel less alone, while also raising up queer voices in the process.

Anonymous. Other folx were instrumental to making this project happen, but chose not to be publicly named in the materials. We honor and thank them!

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