The BARC Zine

Since our research team included visual artists and creative writers, we decided to expand the reach of our findings through a zine, which includes a series of comic books featuring LGBTQ+/GE characters made from composites of our data.

The zine includes the original comics, some info about the project, and recommendations for youth and families. The stories and characters in each of our comics were creatively developed by our team to explore important themes that emerged in our interviews. The specific stories and characters are invented, but the themes and experiences are representative of what participants shared with us in our research.

Read the zine online:

Or download the zine using one of the options below:
These versions can be viewed directly online. Click an image below to open the zine in another tab where you can download it.

Download the single page layout
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Download the double page spread layout
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Double page spread version - better for desktops.

Want a print quality version?
Click HERE to download higher resolution versions of the zine. These are larger files and may take longer to download.

Just want to check out the comics?

All three comics are included in the zine, but if you just want to check out or download a comic, here they are! All comic PDFs include alt text for accessibility

#1 “Crystal” Illustrated by Tori, story by Serena

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