COVID-19 Project

Pandemic Responses and Urban Strategies in Global Cities (감염병 시대 세계 주요 대도시의 방역 및 도시 전환전략)

I joined a research team, organized and funded by Seoul Institute & Seoul National University Asia Center in South Korea, in order to do research on the local efforts on the COVID-19 pandemic and their urban strategies to combat the crisis. The global cities we research include New York City, London, Paris, Beijing, Tokyo, Manila, Delhi, Tehran, and Seoul. I will write a book chapter and report focusing on New York City with Jaehyung Kim (in Korean), as a part of our project on the COVID-19.

COVID-19 and Racial/Ethnic Division

Op-ed in The Independent

I wrote an op-ed with a sociologist friend, Jaehyung for The Independent. If you are interested in reading it, please click this link.

Online Conference Presentation at SNU

I had an online presentation about “COVID-19 and Social Inequality in New York City” at The Formation and Prospect of Disaster Governance in the Era of COVID-19: International and Comparative Perspectives, organized by Seoul National University Asia Center.  This conference was live-streamed via YouTube on April 10th, 2020.

Or you can find it here on SNUAC’s website. Click here.

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