2018-         Visiting Assistant Professor of Sociology, Hamilton College

2017-2018 Visiting Assistant Professor of Sociology, Hobart and William Smith Colleges

2016-2017   Visiting Assistant Professor of Sociology, Oberlin College


2016  Ph.D. Sociology, Graduate Center, City University of New York

Dissertation: “Branding Korea or Marketing Ethnicity:
Manhattan’s Koreatown as a “Transclave” in the Global Economy”
Committee: Sharon Zukin (chair), Richard Alba, Philip Kasinitz, and Margaret Chin

2012  M.Phil, Sociology, Graduate Center, City University of New York

Exams: Urban Sociology, Sociology of Consumption, and Immigration

2007  M.A, Sociology, Seoul National University, South Korea

2005  B.A, Urban Sociology, University of Seoul, South Korea (with Honors)


Urban Sociology; Globalization and Transnationalism; Race and Ethnicity; Sociology of Consumption; Immigration; Asian American Studies; Qualitative Research Method.


Journal Articles

Kim, Jinwon and Meebae Lee. 2018. “Nation Branding or Marketization?: K-Classic and Korean Classical Musicians in an Era of Globalization,” The International Journal of Cultural Policy. (Published online before print: DOI-10.1080/10286632.2018.1529761)

Kim, Jinwon. 2018. “Manhattan’s Koreatown as a Transclave: the emergence of a new ethnic enclave in a global city,” City & Community 17(1): 276-295.

Chung, Angie Y., Jinwon Kim (equal co-author), and Injeong Hwang. 2016. “Consuming Gangnam Style: A Comparison on Nation-Branding in Koreatown, LA/ NY.” CUNY Forum 4(1): 90-99

Book Chapters

Kim, Jinwon. 2018. “Hallyu and Korean America: Transnational Connections through Cultural Consumption.” Companion to Korean American Studies. Edited by Rachael Joo and Shelley Lee. Brill Publishers. Netherland: 207-230


Book Chapters

Kim, Jinwon. “Transnational entrepreneurship in Manhattan’s Koreatown,” in Koreatowns: Exploring the Economics, Politics, and Identities of Korean Spatial Formations, Edited by Stephen Suh, Soo Mee Kim, and Jinwon Kim. (Under review for 2019 publication with Lexington Books)

Journal Articles

Kim, Jinwon. “Korean Food Goes Global?: How the Korean Government and New York Entrepreneurs Participate in Nation Branding.” (Under review)

Kim, Jinwon. “Consuming consumer culture or (Re)connecting to Motherland?: Racialization and Transnationalism among Young Korean Americans.” (Under review)


Books in Preparation

Kim, Jinwon, Transclave: Branding Korea and Marketing Ethnicity in New York City (Manuscript in progress)

Suh, Stephen, Jinwon Kim and Soo Mee Kim, Global Koreatowns. (Edited volume in progress; a contract with Lexington Books)

Articles in Preparation

Kim, Jinwon, “New trend, old racism: how k-pop perpetuates American ethnoracial hierarchies” (Research in progress)


Kim, Jinwon, and Meebae Lee, “Branding locality globally in Korea: classical music festivals in an era of K-Classic,” and “Gender disparity: how classical musicians are marketed in the neoliberal market.” (Research in progress: data collection)

Kim, Jinwon. “Selling the Soul of Seoul: urban branding policies in the post-crisis era, 1998-2016.”


Kim, Jinwon. 2014. “Korean Language Schools” and “Karaoke/No Re Bang.” In Asian American Society: An Encyclopedia. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.


Consumer society and consumer culture, Urban Sociology, Global Cities, Sociology of Asian Americans, Ghettos and Ethnic Enclaves, Immmigration, Ethnic Enclaves and Immigrant Communities, Sociology of Art and Culture, Research Method 1: Qualitative Sociology, Social Statistics 1, and Introduction to Sociology.


2018-         , Visiting Assistant Professor, Hamilton College

2017- 2018, Visiting Assistant Professor, Hobart and William Smith Colleges

2016-2017, Visiting Assistant Professor, Oberlin College

2013-2016, Adjunct Instructor, Behavioral Sciences and Human Services, Kingsborough Community College-CUNY

2015 Adjunct Instructor, Behavioral Sciences (Sociology), York College- CUNY

2014 – 2015 Adjunct Instructor, Sociology, Brooklyn College-CUNY

2013, 2011- 2012   Adjunct Instructor, Education and Language Acquisition, LaGuardia Community College-CUNY

2011- 2012  Adjunct Instructor, Sociology, Queens College-CUNY

2008-2011 Graduate Teaching Fellow (Instructor), Sociology, Queens College-CUNY