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Making Housing Home Exhibition at New York’s Center for Architecture (Spring-Summer 2007)

This exhibition, curated by Environmental Psychology doctoral student Gabrielle Bendiner-Viani, offered a photographic and narrative essay on how residents of New York City housing developments succeed in making “home” from their housing. As the curator asks in her introduction to the exhibition: “If social housing reflects the social covenant of our society, what is it to which every citizen is entitled? What does it take for a life to flourish, and can a building help or hinder this process? What becomes of designed spaces once they are inhabited?” The exhibition was highlighted by a panel discussion on “Social Housing and the Social Contract,” whose participants included HERG Director Susan Saegert.

Exhibition underwriters: Related Apartment Preservation, 42nd Street Development Corporation, Barbara Stanton.

The exhibition website: http://www.udchousing.org/udc_test/index.htm

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