White liberals don’t get ‘Get Out’ — A thought reply

White Liberals Are Taking the Wrong Lessons Away from ‘Get Out’ (3/11/2017), by Tari Ngangura.

Because, ‘all white people are Rose.’

I laughed quite a few times during Get Out. I have an education I’ve received from books, friends, colleagues, and – especially – my students to thank for not thinking for a second that this was a comedy, or that these moments were there for my benefit or enjoyment. As a feminist, Get Out – and Jordan Peele – doesn’t shy away from the history of legacies of white women’s involvement and complicity in racialized violence, theft and appropriation. One of the problems with white feminists – and white liberals or progressives – is that that ‘white feminism’ can be identified as a thing. I try for a feminism that is intersectional, instructive and open, a process of sharing and learning, and of the I-will-back-you-up and I-listen-when-asked-to-back-down variety. This is a feminism that views concerns about racialized violence as necessarily feminist concerns. To say that ‘white feminism’ shouldn’t be a thing is not a denial that it exists; as I tell my students, none of this negates or undoes the damage that people who believe they are white (Baldwin; Coates) have done. I have to and want to believe that change has happened and that we will continue to make it happen, but I don’t hope and I don’t close my eyes to the enduring and entrenched inequities that often signal that institutions are working just as intended. I keep my eyes and ears open so I can learn to see, hear, recognize those that privilege can help me miss. But I will never tell anyone that Get Out is anything but a horror film (or a drama disguised as one).

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