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2017. Ph.D. in Sociology, with Doctoral Certificate in Women’s Studies. The Graduate Center of the City University of New York. Dissertation: Aesthetic Geographies: Art, crises, urban imaginaries.

2012. M.Phil, The Graduate Center of the City University of New York.

2003. B.A. in Individualized Studies. Concentration in U.S. History/Culture/Politics, Modern Japanese Literature, Photography. The Gallatin School of Individualized Studies, New York University. Magna Cum Laude.



2018. This Will Become Ordinary in Time: A politics of the end in The Handmaid’s Tale (with Miranda Ganzer). Under consideration, submitted for publication in Vulnerabilities (collected volume).

2012. Kornblum, W, Siodmak, E, and Oberlander, P. Grappling with Ghosts: Jewish Wrestlers and Anti-Semitism. Jews in the Gym: Judaism, Sports, and Athletics: Studies in Jewish Civilization, vol 23: 177-189. Ed L.J. Greenspoon. Indiana: Purdue Univ Press.

2009. Spacetime Research Collective. To What Will We Resort When Capitalism Is Over? Human Geography 2(2): 101-4.


2018. Homosexuals are Revolting: Stonewall, 1969. In Revolting New York: How 400 Years of Riot, Rebellion, Uprising, and Revolution Shaped a City. Edited by Neil Smith, Don Mitchell, Erin Siodmak, JenJoy Roybal, Marnie Brady, and Brendan P. O’Malley. University of Georgia.


2018. Precarious Spaces: The Arts, Social and Organizational Change, Katarzyna Kosmala and Miguel Imas. International Sociology Reviews.

2017. Performance, Diana Taylor. Visual Studies.

2011. Crash: The Politics of Speed and Stasis, Karen Beckman. Visual Studies.

2011. The Cultures of Alternative Mobilities, Phillip Vannini. Contemporary Sociology.

2011. The Uses of Digital Literacy, John Hartley. Contemporary Sociology.


2018. Professional Staff Congress, Professional Development and Research Grant.

2015. Presidential Initiative for Student Engagement Funding Award, Hunter College.

2014. Provost Award for dissertation research.

2013. PSC-CUNY Adjunct Research Grant.

2013. Dissertation Research Grant, Association of American Geographers.

2012. Doctoral Student Research Grant, Graduate Center CUNY.

2010-2012. Research scholar, Wertheim Study, New York Public Library.

2010-2011. University Fellowship.

2010. Doctoral Student Research Grant, Graduate Center CUNY.

2009-2010. Professional Staff Congress Faculty Grant, Graduate Center CUNY. Research and Writing Assistant to Distinguished Professor, Neil Smith.


New York University

Teaching Assistant to Professor Harvey Molotch, Introduction to Sociology (Spring 2018).

Hunter College, City University of New York (Fall 2008-present)

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Women & Gender Studies and Sociology

Courses taught: Sex, Race, and Politics in American Horror Film; Introduction to Women and Gender Studies; Narratives of the City: Literature, film, theory; Introduction to Sociology (including College Now program for high school students; Sex and Gender Roles; Sociology of Pop Culture; Arts in Modern Society; Urban Sociology; Deviance and Social Control; Classical Sociological Theory; Independent study advisor

Fashion Institute of Technology

Adjunct Lecturer, Introduction to Sociology (Spring 2015).

Graduate Center, City University of New York

Teaching Assistant to Professor Pamela Stone, Sociological Statistics I (Fall 2007).


2011-2017. Principal Investigator, Engaged Aesthetics: Transformation, space, and politics in performative art. Dissertation research. CUNY Graduate Center.

2010-2015. Assistant to Victoria Pitts, Women’s Studies Program, Graduate Center CUNY.

2013-2014. Research Assistant to Sujatha Fernandes: Storytelling. CUNY Graduate Center.

2013. Textbook reviewer for Sage Publications, George Ritzer, Introduction to Sociology.

2008-2012. Principal Investigator, Negotiating Neoliberalism: Sustainable Development and Grassroots Struggles in Nicaragua.

2009-2010. Research and Writing Assistant to Neil Smith. CUNY Graduate Center.

2010. Survey Field Agent, Social Justice Sexuality Project. Principal Investigator: Juan Battle. CUNY Graduate Center.

2007-2008. Recruitment Coordinator and Analyst, Center for HIV/AIDS Educational Studies and Training, Hunter College, CUNY.



2018. Aesthetic geographies of race: Detroit’s Heidelberg Project (Tyree Guyton). Panel: Urban Revanchism Revisited: Struggles Over Gentrification. Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting. New Orleans, LA.

2015. Aesthetic Encounters in Urban Space: The Heidelberg Project (Tyree Guyton, Detroit, 1988-ongoing). Affect Theory Conference: Worldings / Tensions / Futures. Millersville University. Lancaster, PA.

2015. Refrains that Change: Sex and dynamism in everyday life (with Miranda Ganzer). Affect Theory Conference. Millersville University. Lancaster, PA.

2014. A Culture of Cinema Horrors at the Precipice of an Abyss (with R. J. Scannell). Cultural Studies Association Annual Conference. Salt Lake City, Utah.

2013. Dynamic Communities: New Orleans Waits for Godot. Cultural Studies Association Annual Conference. Chicago.

2013. Punk Aesthetics: Geographies of the Lower East Side Revisited (with R.J. Scannell). Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting. Los Angeles.

2013. Up for grabs: experiencing place by Waiting for Godot in New Orleans. Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting. Los Angeles.

2012. The Line: The affective bodies and temporary collectivities of The Artist is Present. Cultural Studies Association Annual Conference. La Jolla, CA.

2010. Grappling with Ghosts: Jewish Wrestlers and Anti-Semitism (with William Kornblum and Phil Oberlander). Jews in the Gym. Omaha, NE.

2010. Landscapes of Labor: Livelihoods, Land, and Cooperative Practice in Miraflor, Nicaragua, Preliminary Findings. Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting. Washington, D.C.

2009. Telling Truth and Telling Lies: Questions of Methodology. Sociological Reimagination Graduate Student Conference. The City University of New York.


2018. Revolting New York: Authors Meet Critics, with Don Mitchell, Nik Heynen, and Marnie Brady. Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting. New Orleans, LA.

2014. Altered States (with Benjamin Haber and R. Joshua Scannell). The Society for Literature, Science, and the Arts Annual Conference. Dallas, Texas.

2013. Up the punx? ABC No Rio’s Oppositional Politics and the Gentrification of NYC’s Lower East Side (with R.J. Scannell). Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting. Los Angeles.

2012. Waiting for…: Present absence in Paul Chan’s Godot. Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting. New York.

2012. The Line: Narratives of waiting, community, and aesthetic experience at The Artist Is Present. Eastern Sociological Society Annual Meetings. New York.

2011. (Re)productive Technologies (with K. Goodman, H. Panagiotopoulos, R. Lederman). Radical Aesthetics & Politics: Intersections in Music, Art and Critical Social Theory. New York.

2011. Dispossessing labor: Land Control and Collectivity in Miraflor, Nicaragua. Critical Ethnic Studies and the Future of Genocide: Settler Colonialism/ Heteropatriarchy/ White Supremacy. University of California. Riverside, CA.

2010. Radical Pedagogy in the Classroom: A View From the Graduate Student (with Bradley Gardener and Keith Miyake). Association of American Geographers. Washington, D.C.

2009. Integrating Feminism in the Classroom: Ethics, Praxis and Possibilities-A Roundtable for CUNY Adjuncts (with Kathleen Dunn, Christina Nadler, E. Kaufman, L. Souffrant). Praxis of Feminist Pedagogy Conference. New York.


American Studies Association. Member since 2015.

Society for Literature, Science, and the Arts. Member since 2013.

Cultural Studies Association. Member since 2012.

Association of American Geographers. Affiliations: Sexuality and Space, Urban Geography, Cultural and Social Geography. Member since 2008.

Spacetime Research Collective, Graduate Center CUNY. Member 2008-2017. Finance Committee, 2010. Co-Chair, 2009, 2011-2012.

Student Coordinator. Seminar in Gender and Sexuality, Graduate Center CUNY. 2010-2015.

Representative. Sociology Faculty Membership Committee. 2012-2014.

Representative. Sociology Elections Committee. 2010-2011.

Representative. Sociology Department Executive Committee. 2009.

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