Translation Seminar:
Working in various media with diverse academic and cultural organizations, this research group will explore the scholarly, pedagogical, artistic and social aspects of translation.
Our Function at The Graduate Center, and CUNY:

Our interest in Translation is just one issue-focused “Working Group” of a larger Seminar for on Public Engagement and Collaborative Research sponsored by the Mellon foundation, and sourced at The Center for the Humanities, a Graduate Center-based and CUNY-serving institution. As you can find on our main site, the Mellon Seminar seeks to “consider the diverse ways the humanities can function in public life or as a public good” and “is focused on creating public programs and encouraging collaborative research by scholars in the humanities.”

Our Next Activity

Our next meeting is Wednesday, February 10, at 4:00 (lasting until between 6 and 6:30)  in Room C201 at The Graduate Center, CUNY.

For those who missed our meetings last semester:

Behind the “Directory” tab, you will find the directory of participants including short bios.

Behind the “Readings” tab are readings linked to our seminar meetings, including those for the Feb. 10 meeting.

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