OpenCUNY Update: Server Migration

Greetings OpenCUNY Participants,

This past week, OpenCUNY moved to a new server. This means that all of the content on all your sites, as well as the files that create the structure for your sites has been migrated from one server to another.

To ensure the success of this process, the OpenCUNY team has been all-hands-on-deck, completing extensive testing of the platform and its sites. Aside from a few exceptions that we are currently resolving with our hosting provider, everything looks and is functioning as it should. However, we are only human, and are not as familiar with your site as you are.

In the next few days, we encourage you to spend ~15 mins reviewing your site. You don’t need to check all of the content so much as the placement of content and function of different features on your site. For example:

Your site should look and function the same as before. If you notice that something seems off, or is not how it was before, please contact us so we can resolve the issue.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding,
Laurie, Paul and Kristen
The OpenCUNY Team

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