OpenCUNY Survey: Looking Forward!

OpenCUNY is launching its first survey ( and wants to know what you think about the current and future OpenCUNY!

OpenCUNY was founded in 2008 as a participatory medium. What makes us unique from other digital platforms is that we have a Terms of Participation, not a terms of use. This is not merely a semantic differentiation, but bespeaks the politics of OpenCUNY. OpenCUNY is run by students, for students. Students fund OpenCUNY through student activity fees, and also serve as coordinators and board members and participants (not users!). We are open to the whole Graduate Center community, but we exist primarily for and by students. With great power there must also come great responsibility. We’re launching a survey that asks you to weigh in on your interactions on and with OpenCUNY.

About the Survey:
We’ll be gathering information on basic things like the best way for you all to get in touch with us, which programs use OpenCUNY and which don’t, and what kind of devices you use to access OpenCUNY. This 10 to 15 minute survey will help us to get a sense of where are participants are coming from after 5 years and what their dreams are for the next five:

What we find to be the most important part of this survey is the last set of questions which asks you to define OpenCUNY. We coordinators are constantly being asked what makes OpenCUNY different than other digital platforms. We know how we conceptualize OpenCUNY but we’d like you to tell us how you think of OpenCUNY and what makes it unique!

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