Alumni on OpenCUNY: 3 Tips

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In short, yes, you can use OpenCUNY as an alum. OpenCUNY is created by and for The Graduate Center, CUNY students, and we know that GC connections and projects often continue after graduation. We strongly support our alums and their projects that continue to build on existing work, but we ask that alums keep in mind that our resources are limited and act accordingly when possible. The following three tips detail responses to questions that we often receive from alumni.

1. Registering for OpenCUNY
All students with access to GC email can register for OpenCUNY. If you no longer have access to your GC email, get in touch with the OpenCUNY Coordinators, and we can help you get set up.

2. OpenCUNY resources & domains
Our resources are primarily directed at current students. One of the resources that many students enjoy, but which takes up a surprising amount of server space are mapped domains. For this reason, we ask that if an alum wants a mapped domain, they consider purchasing their own server space to host their site. To do this you need to have a domain name registered, and also purchase server space/web hosting. In this mapped domains post, we provide information about a number of places where you can purchase a domain–normally you can purchase a domain for about $10-15 per year. Here’s a short list of resources for web hosting: Liquid Web (where OpenCUNY is hosted), ReclaimHosting, WP Engine (a web host dedicated to WordPress sites), web hosting suggestions. Average server space/web hosting may cost about $15 a month, though ReclaimHosting‘s prices are substantially cheaper.

3. Exporting content
If you want to move your OpenCUNY site to another installation, you always have the option of exporting your content (access this function through Tools>Export). On OpenCUNY, all of your content is yours, and you can move it freely. To read more about your rights as an OpenCUNY participant, read our Terms of Participation.

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