Greetings all.

We are thinking of you, and we hope that you are managing during this uncertain time.

While all of our in-person meetings have been indefinitely postponed, we wanted to reach out to let you know that JFAC is here for you and to bring to your attention some resources that may help you through this time.

First – local mutual aid networks are forming. Their intention to help neighbors out by bringing them groceries, retrieving medicines, and more. This is not for emergencies – for that you should dial 911.

Give or Get Relief at

Second – many internet service providers are providing temporarily free or discounted service

Third – the City is also adding and updating COVID-related resources here.

Fourth – there is a 3 month statewide moratorium on evictions and a pause on all land use decisions. This means you can’t be evicted, and any changes to your lease or building are not not possible. There should be no discussion of RAD or NextGen NYCHA. More broadly, projects like Sunnyside Yards, the BQX, and the rezoning at Anable Basin should also be halted. If there is, you should be in touch with your neighbors, us at JFAC, and your councilmember and other electeds.

Fifth – there is also a call to cancel rent for 90 days that is coming from housing advocates and some local electeds like Senator Gianaris. Already mortgage payments have been suspended, but rent suspension is as important if not more given that renters are more likely to be those that were laid off or are not receiving wages right now. Cuomo has the power to make this decision. Support this call by signing this petition.

Sixth – JFAC will continue to do 1-1s though they will be over the phone for the time being. These one-on-one sessions are between a tenant and our lead organizer Stan Morse, or lawyers we work with, Marika or Robert, and the discussion is about the state of your apartment and needs for repairs, and strategies that can be employed. Some residents who we’ve met with have received repairs after submitting letters of complaint. We are also preparing tenants to pursue a collective action against NYCHA.

Learn more and sign up for a 1-1 by contacting:
Stan Morse at
or (646) 705-8887.

Do you have other ideas of how JFAC can support you during this time, let us know.

We will be in touch with updates as needed. 

Wishing you all the best; know that JFAC is here for you.