Next fall I am teaching a new graduate theory course at Pratt Institute, and in the undergrad thesis research course I coordinated we’ve selected ‘agency’ as the theme for the senior thesis year. In preparing for these courses, here are a few new things I’m reading this summer:

Ground Rules for Humanitarian Design edited by Alice Min Soo Chun and Irene Brisson

Building Change: Architecture, Politics, and Cultural Agency by Lisa Findley

Forty Ways To Think About Architecture edited by Iain Borden, Murray Fraser and Barbara Penner

Reading Architecture and Culture: Researching Buildings, Spaces and Documents edited by Adam Sharr

Agency: Working with Uncertain Architectures edited by Kossak, Petrescu, Schneider, Tyszczuk and Walker

and a book in which I have a recent essay published:

Architecture in an Age of Uncertainty edited by Benjamin Flowers