Andre A.                                                                                                                     4-207

PS 153                                                                                                                         6/16/15

In the story The City of Ember light represents freedom. In The City of Ember light represents freedom because once the main characters Doon Harrow, Lina Mafley, and Poppy got light from the sun they were free from Ember. Light also represents freedom because once they discovered real light from the sun they got to do whatever they desired. Before they had light they were imprisoned by the mayor of Ember. The mayor forced the kids to have jobs and work all day without any pay.

The light in my picture is illuminated by a closed circuit. The reason my picture has a working light is because the L.E.D. light works as a load in my circuit. To make my picture and light  I had to draw a picture of something in the City of Ember that had a light. Then I made my circuit which turned into electricity. Lastly I put my picture over my circuit so my picture could look real.

To conclude this is a very fun project and this is a very interesting graphic novel. Finally I would recommend this book to many people.