Marilyn Jacobs Gittell (1931–2010) was an NYC scholar-activist dedicated to racial, gender, and educational justice.

Erit Maor and Kristen Hackett, two members of the HERG research team, were recently awarded the Marilyn Gittell Research Assistantship to continue the team’s work around CLT’s over the summer, 2015.  In doing so, they join a lineage of activist-scholars committed to addressing important social issues of our time.  The fellowship was awarded based on not only to the overall quality and specificity of the proposal, but also the likelihood of publication and career advancement for the applicant, the strength of connection between the proposed work to the larger project, the urgency of the work to be done, and evidence of connections to Marilyn Gittell‘s focus on urban studies, inequalities, democracy and claims-making, interdisciplinary dialogues, and concrete policy/ community impact.